40 Days again?!

May 12, 2014


Day 1


This year, I’ve prayed for spiritual discipline however it has been quite difficult. I have attempted to do 40 days of meditation and embodiment but failed several times. This time, I do start the day after mother’s day. Yesterday was difficult because my mother passed a few years back and it feel empty to not have a mother to celebrate on such a holiday. However, during meditation and processing, I decided yesterday that I will take control of my life. There is no need for sadness or defeat because I can control that.  I’m taking on this 40 day challenge and therapy, love and compassion for myself, instead of a challenge. It shouldn’t be this difficult to make time for you but in a world were being busy means success it is quite difficult to not get caught up in the “busy” life.  I want to be busy learning my true potential and how to heal through love.


Dream BIG and Live BIGGER

Never let anyone tell you that your dreams aren’t attainable. Not only are they attainable but they are your next step. Don’t give up on what you believe in. Don’t let the negative stories in the media and lost souls around you affect you manifesting your own destiny. The biggest fear I have is not living up to my true potential. My dream is to tell my story, love my body temple and provide space for others to do the same. I believe holistic wellness and mindfulness is the key to becoming my best self.   So I take the time every day to balance my bank account, pray and meditate, move my body, and have more insight into the food I’m putting into your body. The next few months I will be focusing on my holistic wellness and mindfulness. After meditating and praying I feel that is essential that I chase my dream to become a successful spoken word artist, wellness coach and healer. These are the gifts I’ve been given. This can’t be found in a text book or validated by a degree. These dreams can only come true if I chase them and put them first. This blog will be the space I will keep you updated on that progress. – Emotions The Poet



When life gives you lemons, you often feel limited to make lemonade. However, realizing there is not limit and that some other awesome drink maybe made with these lemons is quite difficult. One of my goals for the New Year is to realize that I only control the moments in my life and that my destination is hidden in my true potential which hides behind all the fear, doubt and worry and display daily. Having faith is not simply a prayer but a relaxation that I hope to have one day. I hate living in the heart of desperation, worrying about debt, worrying about death, worrying about success. I’d rather live in the moments of love and abundance. Not abundance for profit but an abundance of all my best moments wrapped in a lifetime.  The one place I’ve always felt like my self is in my notebook. The lines seem to come effortlessly. I also find comfort on stage performing and telling my story. However, this part of my life has been hard to find.  I find myself often challenged by environmental factors, such as the people in the space, the commute to the space or the lack there of community.  However, I commit to making no more excuses when it comes to doing something that I love and that builds me into being my best self.  No more, no more excuses to not do what I need to do to fuel my body and become my best self. I’ve started several blogs however I commit to not only using this blog but to heal through this blog and through my writing. I send you all AGAPE and the tools you need to become the best version of yourself possible. – Emotions The Poet